In today's competitive marketplace it can be challenging to locate, recruit and hire the technical talent necessary for a company to grow and prosper. The process typically costs thousands of dollars and consumes many man-hours per successful hire. Take into consideration the number of recruits and interviewees that are not hired and the cost can grow exponentially.

Latitude has mastered the concept of providing cost-effective technical staffing solutions. Our specialized recruiting staff spends many man-hours each day recruiting the best technical talent on the market. These candidates are then matched with a client's technical needs, salary requirements, and corporate culture. Our recruiting specialists are responsible for screening and interviewing every candidate prior to a no-obligation interview with the client.

With our effective recruiting strategies, Latitude can provide various service offerings giving our clients maximum flexibility. The three most popular services that Latitude provides are:

Short Term / Long Term Consulting Projects

Clients who have projects that need immediate attention and are mission-critical to the success of a product or deliverable often use our employees as technical consultants. When a client needs specific expertise immediately to deliver a project-based technology solution, this is the best option.

Temp to Hire

Latitude’s temp to hire services are by far the most utilized recruiting solution. Clients can take advantage of a nine to twelve month trial period before deciding to hire a consultant as a permanent employee. This nine to twelve month evaluation period serves as an ideal way to assess if the consultant will be the perfect long-term match for the client. During this nine to twelve month period, Latitude will be responsible for all taxes and insurance for the consultant. The client pays only an agreed-upon hourly rate for all hours worked. After the nine to twelve month temp to hire period the client has the option of hiring the employee with no additional financial obligation.

Many of our clients have found that this option allows them to reduce their cost per hire because of the increased retention of employees with the nine to twelve month evaluation period.

Direct Hire

When a client has a critical long-term internal need Latitude can offer direct hire services. With this option, Latitude will provide a shortlist of screened qualified candidates that clients can choose to hire directly. With Latitude’s established network of contacts, we are well-equipped to locate hard to find direct hire candidates with advanced technical skills. When a client has decided to hire one of our candidates there is a one-time negotiated fee. We also offer a guarantee on our direct hire placements. We offer a guarantee because we stand by our recruiting process and candidates.

Return on Investment

Latitude understands the costs and time associated with hiring, training and developing employees for the overall growth of an organization. It is our commitment to our clients to provide a perfect match for your consulting project, temp to hire or direct hire needs. We have used our industry experience to design and implement specialized systems and partnerships that will add value, help control costs and guarantee the success of our service.

We look forward to doing business with you in the near future and becoming a long-term strategic partner.

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